Progress….one weekend at a time. 

We have found the only way to get the house ready for us is to be there and build. So we have been going every two weeks to get things done and check them off the list. 

86 more boards painted and ready to go. 

Two more water storage cisterns loaded and ready to go. 

Martin cut up some of our bottle collection and I taped them together. Ready to go. 

Friday night we were ready. Yep we looked like rednecks!

Saturday morning water tanks were moved into place and plumbed. 

My handsome husband!!!

Our neighbor, Frank brought his tractor over to finalize the grade on the back of the house. So thankful for all the helping hands through this experience. 

Another part of the corridor gets its insulation and painted ship lap. 

While Frank was over he helped us lift the very heavy inverter system onto the wall. Then Martin finished up with some additional panels. This will be what controls the ac and dc power coming into the house. 

Just couldn’t resist laying the cut bottles into one of the spaces just to see what it would look like. These will be mortared into place then grouted out to the edges of the bottles and wall. With each stepped we get more and more excited!

Of course there is always the ending to a quick weekend of building. The supervisor is always ready to go at a moments notice. This picture is just after she had her head out the window. Wind blown whiskers!

We left later than planned because we wanted to finish our projects. But because of that we were awarded with watching the beautiful sunset last night. 

We have many more weekends ahead of us……

Till next time…..


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