Here we go again……

It seems like the last two weeks have flown by. We were so busy with life we only went shopping last night. 

So this morning  was a busy one for me. 

More ship lap painted and drying. This makes 136 boards painted. 

This is bead board. Painted and drying in our 90+ degree weather. 

Soon Martin will be home….I will pack us a sandwich and we will hit the road. 

We have a sauna to put together. That’s right a wood burning cedar sauna. Do we need it now? Hell no but the sale was to good to pass it up. Do our old bodies need it?  Hell yes they do!!! The the goal this weekend is to build the sauna so we can empty the enclosed trailer and bring it home. 

We always bring more projects than we can work on so if something comes up we always have something to work on. Being an hour from the nearest big town makes needing one little part not worth the drive. Cause you know in life, “it’s always something”.  

Till next time……


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