Daily Archives: November 19, 2016

And the Thanksgiving fun begins…..

Martin was able to check out of work by 3:00 on Friday. Which means we were able to hit the road by 4:30pm. 

As always the drive is tiring but fun. We are able to discuss our game plan. As we drive through Quemado a black cat runs across the street in front of us. We look at each other like, “UT OH!”  What bad luck will we have to experience. 

We are greeted with our awning falling off the Moho. We must have had a micro burst cause our swing was blown over and the lawn chairs blown all over and the awning ripped from its perch. 

Oh well. Good bye awning. It’s been nice knowing you. 

As we walk the trails there is evidence of our grand babies boys fun. Trails have deep ruts and dirt marbles sprayed everywhere. Kansas is sporting her new long johns. 

She is always seeking out rabbits or chipmonks. 

Our shadows are crazy this morning. Martin sporting the cowboy look. Me the cone head look 

Hair in a bun with a hoodie equals a cone head. Fair warning!

Our goal on this beautiful Saturday was to get the sonotube cut, placed and set to the grade desired. 

Martin is the master and I am just the slave. Lol. 

Next thing was to set the outside poles and pour us some CONCRETE. 

John and a Victoria came by to bring us the gas piping.  John is also building our custom doors and windows.  It is so nice to have the neighbors we do. People helping people.  We are so thankful for our friends/new family here in New Mexico. 

Tomorrow more concrete and poles. Yea baby building the structure that will hold our solar panels. 

Till next time…