Daily Archives: November 22, 2016

Tuesday brings friends……

Monday was a day of organizing. Finished the copper pipe supports for the flue system on the sauna. And we fired the wood stove up. It was a good thing we started it early cause it had time to burn off the new smell. 

We had rain and snow sprinkles which meant the sauna was going to feel so good. And it did. We spent a wonderful relaxing evening warm and cozy while snow dusted the ground. 

Tuesday was more organizing till our wonderful loving friends arrived. They drove 950 miles in their Moho to come help us. Kevin and Paula Straw have been some of our best friends for years. Martin and Kevin have known each other for over 50 years. 

Of course we gave them the grand tour that included a visit to the knoll at sunset. The Alegres in the background were blanketed with white puffy clouds. 

Our dear friend Ron opened up his home to Kevin and Paula. A pad, water, sewer and power on a beautiful piece of property. What more do you need except a quiet place to sleep? And out here it is nothing but peaceful. 

Kevin man handling his power cord. Pull Kevin pull!

Love these peeps. 

Till next time…….