When help arrives…….

Our hearts are full….and we begin the day with smiles thanks to a Kevin and Paula.

The boys were busy doing boy things. Like putting up the support system for the solar. 
And John came by to plumb the gas line and frame out the new custom doors he will be making. 

While the boys were busy with their boy stuff. Us girls KICKED ASS!  

Paula and I put up insulation. 

And ship lap!


Girl power!!!!

After our bodies were tired of up and down we decided to grab two chairs and a bottle of wine to watch the solar show. 

The boys just being boys. Yesterday was a great day. We ended the day with a nice relaxing time in our sauna. Oh my how us old people can giggle. 

 Today as I post this blog it is Thanksgiving Day. We are so thankful for the help we have received from our family and our friends on this crazy adventure we call life. We love you all and gobble gobble….

Till next time……


One thought on “When help arrives…….

  1. Wow, everything is coming along so well! I love the shiplap….great job ladies! I sure love seeing your pictures of this amazing journey of life….thanks for sharing.

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