Daily Archives: November 25, 2016

The day after…..

Thanksgiving dinner was amazing. Miss Paula out did herself. So today on Black Friday us girls went shopping. Haha and you thought for Christmas. Nope!  Ran to the local hardware store one hour away. Our purchase, plywood, paint and a saw blade. 

We arrived back just in time for lunch. Can you say leftovers? Omg YUMMY!!! Then we took Kevin and Paula for a true Pie Town experience. 

They met the Pie Lady of Pie Town. 

Explored the Pie Lady’s cabin. 

While us girls were gone the boys were busy building. Adding ply wood to the interior walls. 

Since it is now later in the day and no sense us girls getting dirty we elected to watch the boys build. 

I was asked to check out the installation of the hot water heater. 

Ok I love the inside install but boy they have to do something about the big thing sticking outside the back of the house. Looks kind of nasty!!!!:(. Lol. 

Tonight we sweat in the sauna. 

Till next time…..