And the fun continues……

Saturday brought graffiti to our home. We wanted to leave a mark so if some year when we are long gone and someone remodels this home they will find our hidden message. 

Us girls continued with the pink cotton candy blankets. 

While the boys put up the plywood. 

The first of electrical wiring went in. 

One more wall ready for ship lap. 

As we broke for lunch we enjoyed a happy birthday pie time. Happy birthday dear Paula. Thank you Miss Kathy for the blueberry pie. 

After lunch Miss Paula went to work gluing the rocks on the wall. 

And went to work painting. 

The boys pulled the numerous wires for the solar and generator. 

After a good day’s work it was time to celebrate. We took Kevin and Paula out for dinner. 

Great dinner and on the way home Mr. Kevin was driving Martins truck.  Of course no street lights and it was dark and scary. BAMMM!!!!!!!

Mr. Kevin gets pulled over. SPEEDING!!! Doing 72 in a 40 MPH. Oh CRAP!  Mr. Kevin was shaking in his boots. His butt was puckering. He slowly ran his window down and spoke to the officer. The officer ran his license and Martins registration. He came back and cuffed Mr. Kevin and took him off to jail. He had speeding warrants from California to Arkansas. 

Lol……..haha…… no not really. He gave him a verbal warning and sent us on our way. Thank goodness this officer hates to do paper work. He’s one lucky dude. 

Till next time…..


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