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Turkey Day = work week…

As Thanksgiving  Day approaches this year instead of buying a turkey and all the fixins’ we are buying stuff. Lots of stuff. Or should I say stuffin’!  

This arrived today. Yes!  We will have hot water someday. 

Our dear friends Kevin and Paula Straw are coming to help install the solar panels.  And whatever else we can get done. Miss Paula is bringing the Turkey dinner!  Tomorrow we leave for a full 10 days. We are expecting snow on Tuesday. So excited!

Till next time……..and a Happy Thanksgiving to you all. 


Time to dig…..

The rain in Queen Creek was pretty heavy Thursday night. We couldn’t load the trailer so we had to delay our trip one day. 

Friday Martins truck needed an oil change. Check. One man one woman auger needed to be picked up. Check. Marty and Shawna helped us load the trailer with solar panels. Check. Then off to Lowes we go for more supplies. 

A quick dinner at Taco Bell with these two characters. 

Saturday morning we left early. Quick stop at Starbucks. Ready to roll. 

We arrived and our feet landed on the very wet ground running. The boys jumped in the gator and road the trails for hours. 

Upon arrival we were greeted with over flowing cisterns that eroded our dirt away. Rrrrrrr. We will have to deal with that another trip. 

Martin and I layed out the holes that needed to be dug for the solar panel supports. 

Our high tech marking system!!! Patent pending. 

The inspector gave us her approval. Next comes the auger. I was not looking forward this. With the wet ground the dig should be easy right?  Yes for the first 6 inches. Then we hit rocks, tree roots and then hard dumb ass dirt. 

Luckily we had extra pair of little hands to reach in to pull out the excess dirt. 

Off course. With the very hard dig we needed water. The boys are always eager to help. Next stop. Water in the holes. But first a little tree climbing for Trey. 

Photo bombing for Tanner 

Animal hunting for Kansas. 

At first they worked together. Then Tanner used his special technique. 

Hot dogs over the fire for dinner. Yum yum. Have you ever play bean boozal?  Good tasting jelly beans and bad tasting jelly beans. Well the boys picked this out. We laughed so hard. I spit out spoiled milk. I was the first one out. Martin spit out dead fish he was the second one out. The boys decided to try three at a time. Trey got dog food, dead fish and boogers. The look on his face was priceless. He had to spit it out. So little Tanner was the winner winner for no chicken dinner. Lol. 

Sunday morning led to more digging to finish the depth. Martin used his special tool to break up the dirt then off to cover up the pipes up hill where the above ground cisterns are. Since the weather is cooling off last thing we need is to freeze the pipes. 

Since all the tanks were full we had to dump the cisterns at the house. 2,500 gallons back to the earth it goes. 

The boys and I had to dig ditches and make little dams to keep the water flowing away from the house and our newly dug holes. Kind of fun chasing water!!!!

The boys and I finished cleaning out the holes until they heard the gator calling them. Ride Me. Ride Me. I was left to finish on my own. In this moment I took this time to reflect. I dig and dig but listen. In the distance I hear the purr of the gator and giggles soft and sweet. The hummm of the tractor as Martin moves dirt is closer and louder. And then the relaxing sound of the water rolling down the hill.  I’m on my knees digging by hand the last of the dirt out of the last hole like a dog digging to bury a bone. I look down and see all my piles of dirt. At this moment I am so happy. This is life. We are building our dream. 

And this man is making it happen. 

Till next time……..