Happy New Year 2017 begins…..

New Years Eve day started with a beautiful light snow. 
Martin spent the morning figuring out the lighting in the corridor. Ta-da!

I installed insulation in the ceiling. I don’t complain about much but I really don’t like insulation. It’s itchy and gets up your nose and in your eyes so protection is a must. Ick!!!

My little soldier all lined up. Ready for duty! 

As the morning warmed up you could hear the water collecting into the gutters.  Such an amazing sound. 

And you can see the water level is past full so you know what that means. 
We had to dump the water tanks. 2 days to release 5,000 gallons back to Mother Earth. And it will take another 2 days to release the upper 4,000 gallons. 

After insulation was done I painted the plywood where my fabric storage Cubbies will be. Black hides everything. 

It started to snow again and of course the supervisor had to go out to inspect it. 

Even with it snowing the temperature in the house is comfortable to work in!

We had to get water. It was an adventure with the wet slick roads. Can you say mud boggin’?  


The roads are icy and a real mess in places. We spent a nice evening at our neighbors, Vicki and John’s house. Wonderful dinner and a little football. In bed by 7:30pm and we did not wake up till 7:30 am New a Years Day.

Till next time….


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