New Years Day….2017

We couldn’t believe we were in bed 12 hours. We woke up to a little dusting of snow. 

Our job was to complete the corridor. Up goes the tin!  

After a little invention of Martins the tin went up like a breeze. 


With a little trim work and the floor cleaned and sealed then this room will be complete. 

The bulbs you see hanging are testers. One is 10 watt, one is 5 watt and one is 3 watt. We have determined that the 5 watt will work the best for our needs and our battery system. 

We also installed our weather station. Check. Martin loves his tech stuff. ❤❤❤. 

Tonight we will spend some time in our sauna and then head out early tomorrow to try to hit the roads while they are frozen. We ran some wood up to Johns house at noon today and this one little hill next to our property Martin could not steer. We just slid and off the road we went just stopping 6″ from a tree. Yep poop 💩 our panties we did. 

Hope all our friends and family had a safe holiday. Be back up in February. 

Till next time…..


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