Daily Archives: January 26, 2017


Watching the weather as many storms blow through Arizona and New Mexico.  Lots of rain, snow and wind. 

Martin installed a new weather station at the property on our last trip. It is amazing to watch the temperatures outside as well as inside the house. 

After a day of sunshine the house warmed up to 48 degrees when it was 18 outside. 

Last night when we went to bed. 

It has dropped to 8 degrees. The house 40 degrees. 

This morning as we woke up. 

It only dropped to 32 degrees after all night of really cold weather outside. 

Today should be a sunny day up there and Mother Nature will warm up the house again. It is amazing to watch the concept working. 

The house still is not fully insulated and we have air leaks everywhere so we are excited to finish the build and reap the rewards from Mother Nature. 

Martin calculated with all the water we released back to the earth 🌏 we would have had 280 days of water use.  

We go back up in two weeks. I’m sure after all the rain and snow pack our tanks will be full again. 

The kids’ house will be complete in three weeks and they will begin their new chapter in their new home. 🏑  And we will begin ours. Our house goes up for sale mid March. Praying πŸ™ we have a quick sale and then off to finish the dream we started. 

Till next time…..