Weekend of work, work,work ……

After Paula’s safe arrival Friday we headed home. We spent the day building my Cubbies to store my fabrics. 

Ladder by ladder we all pitched in to build the some 82 shelves. 

Miss Paula could be found ROCKIN’ IT through out the weekend. One little tock at a time. Repeat, repeat and repeat. 

The supervisor was pleased with our progress so she took a stick break. 

Lilly inspected the Cubbie area. Passed!

At the end of the day it’s always fun to share a cold one with friends. 

Saturday brought a great surprise. John completed our custom doors. 

The boys are thinking really hard here. Do we feel strong?  

The boys hung them up. 4 foot by 8 foot doors. Just beautiful. The craftsmanship was amazing. 

Thank you John. Nice to have such helpful neighbors. 

Antique Hardware just makes it. And of course I forgot to take a picture of the door knob. 

So I stained these beauties up. 

We ended the day by lots of giggles. Playing Watch Your Mouth. I laughed so hard yep I peed myself. 

Till next time…..


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