Daily Archives: April 14, 2017

Love ❤️ it when a new plan comes together…..

So we set out to New Mexico with a plan to do misc stuff in my studio. Wiring, bead board, moving wood, etc.

Well on the way up we started talking about the walkway in the green house. We have to get that done to keep the dirt out of the house. 

We have accumulated this huge stack of pallets. 

Well me and Pinterest are a dangerous combination. 

Yep you guessed it. We’ve put on own spin on this idea and have begun our walk way. 

Martin is figuring out the next section. Making allowances for the planter beds that we still need to build. 

If it’s not a planter or a rustic walkway it will be small rocks. This gives room for potted plants. 

Omg I just love it 😍 when a new plan comes together. So thankful my husband puts up with my creative crazy brain. 

Till next time…..