Daily Archives: April 26, 2017

Full steam ahead……

Since Martin gave notice at work his blood pressure has started to come down.  His last day is May 1st. This gives us another month of insurance till we can figure it out.  He hasn’t had to go to the office much in his last two weeks and with me winding down my season and Martin has already begun some honey dos. 

Staining my storage crates. You know he hates to paint/ stain anything unless it’s a race plane ✈️ so this is a big deal. 

Martin has also helped Jamie with a furniture flip. 

Jamie found a $3.99 piece of shit cabinet at Goodwill and with the help from mom and dad and a few tools it will be a beautiful tv cabinet. 

Martin is relaxing at Treys baseball ⚾️ game. 

He attended Mikaila’s special night. 

With his extra time at home 🏡 he is planning what we need to do next to get my studio done  ✅. 

He ordered the battery system. I must say this is the first time I have seen this system and  I am impressed. 

How this guy has figured out all the important stuff to make our dream come true is beyond me. 

We also met with Michelle at Lowes. 

When you need cabinets you go to the best. 

Can’t thank her enough for her guidance in designing our Kraftmaid kitchen. 

Still no offers on the house so please continue to send your positive thoughts and prayers.

Till next time……