Beautiful day….

Last night when we arrived Martin was so excited about something. He kept saying he wanted to do something that’s never been done before. So kept thinking and just couldn’t figure it out. Until we walked into the dark house. He walk over to the switch on the wall. And BAM we had lights in the house. 

It was amazing to see the walls in a different light. 

Today we unloaded the trailer of my fabric rolls. 99 of them found their final resting place in their Cubbies. 
Martin and Ron put together my new tool box for my embroidery station. 

Then we spent  some time cleaning and washing the corridor floors in prep for tomorrow’s task. Epoxying the floors. It’s just a clear glossy coat to bring out all the character in the floors own finish. 

After we were done with that Martin went outside to work on the generator to get it up and running. So he left me alone in the house. OH NO!  What’s a girl to do. Grab a hammer, bucket of glue, and a putty knife. My creative juice just splashed all over this wall in the bedroom. 

Martin walks in and says, “Say What!!! That’s cool”.  It’s only the beginning but for me I can see the vision clear as day. Glitter grout here I come. 

Shower time. Till next time…..


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