Omg an update with this blog has been driving me crazy……

We started the move by cleaning out the attic. Look what we found!  40 year old pom poms. Go Lancers!!!!

Next step pack up the sewing room. Luckily I have skilled help. 

One full trailer means time to hit the road. 

Our goal this weekend was to do the whole house floors. So time to unload everything taking up floor space. 

Now clean, clean and clean. 

Scrap it suck it, repeat, repeat, repeat!!!!!

New kind of trap we started using. Bucket of water and a branch. As the mice, pack rats or chipmunks dive in to get a drink they can’t get out and drowned themselves. 

We have been battling mice in the Moho for awhile now. I have poison out and traps. Traps seem to only get them by the leg or arm then we have to physically put them out of their miseries or in one case the two legged mouse got away.  We hate to do that part but the damage they do is enormous. 

Help arrived Saturday morning 

Unloading fabric and thread. Everyone pitched in. 

More cleaning was needed. Shawna handled her hose with steady hands πŸ˜€

Etching, rinsing, more rinsing and more vaccumming. We all took turns. 

We took a break to have some dinner and then it was time to light some fire πŸ”₯ burning the fibers off the surface of the concrete. 

After spending 4 hours of just cleaning the sewing studio we realized our big hopes of the whole house were too big. 

Sunday morning we were ready to started the sealing. 

Martin mixed the Rustoleum Rock Solid and then poured it out. 

Marty cut in the edges while Shawna and I rolled and rolled and rolled. 

So thankful for such loving help 

Later the assistant inspector put his seal of approval on the job. 

The finished floor is shiney and most of all done!!!!!  Now we can move in machines. 

Trey the tractor man helped out moving pallets around. 

Trey is the expert in backing up vehicles πŸš— 

He’s such a big stud. 

It was a great weekend now we head home 🏑. Marty and Shawna help by towing a trailer home. Then bad luck strikes. Just about 10 miles from home Marty’s truck blows up his motor. Head gasket and a bunch of other repairs brings a large repair bill. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Till next time…..


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