Daily Archives: May 30, 2017


During the chaos of moving we flew over to California for a beautiful barn wedding. 

Martins newphew Bobbie and Katie. Family got together 

Happy birthday to Mom as she turned 78 years young on Monday. 

Since we traveled for the wedding we decided this would be a great time to build our dear friends a chicken coop. Miss Paula really like ours at our house. We considered just moving ours but with the move we just didn’t have the time. So the next best idea was to build it from scratch. So Martin measured the coop and off we went to surprise our dear friends. 

Shopping, building and lots of laughing. 

Jake was the inspector since Kansas had to stay home. 

Neighbors and friends stopped by to watch the progress 

Everyone pitched in to make this pretty chicken mansion. ‚Äč
Kate had to try out the little chicken door. 

When completed we couldn’t wait to go get us some babies 

It will fun to watch the babies grow. Now we are traveling to New Mexico with another load of fabrics and four machines. The most exciting part of this trip is Wednesday batteries arrive. Wahooooooo! 

Till next time……