Daily Archives: June 6, 2017

Another piece of the very big puzzle….

We spent the last few days packing, going to Trey’s baseball game and helping Jamie finish configuring her hardware on her furniture flip 

Martin’s old employees came by to pick up some gang boxes and tools. 

The best part was Balt’s daughter was buying a new home and is starting from scratch. So since she didn’t mind hand me downs Susan and I walked through the house. She took artwork, end table, coffee table, blender, half round table, dishes and lots of greenery. It was so nice to pay forward to someone in need. 

Mulqueen came on Friday to break down the quilting machine. 

The house looked so naked without it. 

Monday Two men and a Truck came to move the spare bedroom furniture to Marty and Shawna’s house. 

Monday night we finished loading the trailer. It was 109 that day. Yes we were melting. Molly wasn’t sure about this move but I promised her it would be a beautiful place. 

With the last of my machines, fabric and supplies loaded Tuesday morning we hit the road by 5:00am. Joyce’s stuff equals 3 trailer loads full. 

Mulqueen pulled in right behind us and the fun began. 

Piece by piece they put the machine back together again. Just like Humpty Dumpty. 

As Martin carried in one piece of furniture and set it down in the bedroom. Tears came to my eyes. I can see the finish line but we still have many fun hurdles to jump over. 

I told Martin the first thing I am going to quilt is a new quilt for our bed. 

Martin has already hung up monitors and TV’s 📺. 

It has been raining ☔️ on and off this afternoon. The air is fresh and clean. There’s no place like home 🏡 

Till next time….