Daily Archives: June 8, 2017

Is it Thursday……

Up here and running back and forth we have totally lost track as to what day it is. 

Yesterday Martin spent his time wiring up the batteries. Crimping these big ass wires to this big ass circle things. So glad he knows what he is doing. 

Today he was up to elbows in wiring the rest of the panels, inverters and other mechanical things. 

I’m drawing away with designs and all be damned if at 12:51pm, June 8th, I hear him say, “We are up and running”.  He was so excited. Many years of planning. Many hours of prepping. We are on solar power.  So proud of my husband and all his expertise. 

What cracks me up is how in this rural setting is how UPS finds us. A new substitute driver drew his own map on our package. Little does he know that as soon as I start ordering fabric I will be famous here. Lol. 

The Supervisor approved the installation of my rhinestone board. Now I just need a new top for my filing cabinets. That will be another day. 

As I blog my tired husband takes a little nap.  Cause tomorrow will be a busy day.  He will be hanging more ship lap in the bedroom.  We also will be cleaning and etching the last of the floor in prep for treatment on Saturday. 

I am so thankful foray husband, life and most of all our family and friends who have supported us and helped us with this amazing journey. 

Till next time……