Daily Archives: June 10, 2017

Prairie dog dilemma….

Today we finished the last of our floors


Then had a great breakfast at the local cafe. With the new manager Lori the food is really good. 

After breakfast I actually had a few alterations to do so I plugged in my machines and sewd for the first time in my new studio. Wahoooooo!!!

We had an association meeting then hit the road. We were outside Show Low and both Martin and I saw something small sticking up in the road. As we approached close we both focused hard trying to see what it was. Cruising at 65mph it came upon us so fast then WHAM!!!!
A little prairie dog sat in the middle of our lane. It did not move. It did not flinch. It did not duck.  It just sat there like statue. Swish we drove right over it. Like it was frozen in time  We did not hear a thump or a squish.  For sure the truck did not hit it but as we continued down the road we both looked into our side mirrors to see if there was parts flying behind us but nothing. 

We both swear it was a dare that another prairie dog dared it to do. Either with its arms crossed or flipping us off we couldn’t believe it just sat there at attention. Luckily the truck was tall but the trailer is another story. Low axel and four more tires to squish and mangle. 

As we continued down the road our creation of the event was hilarious. We still wonder if there were other prairie dogs on the side of the road laughing or crying. 

Till next time…..