Daily Archives: June 11, 2017

So thankful….

Omg the last push to get everything boxed and ready for the movers took all day. We are so thankful that we have such a loving family. They came over to help Box 📦 up the last of our stuff  then we enjoyed a great dinner at the local Mexican restaurant. 

Martin made sure we had our favorite server Tony who took care of us. He makes the best margaritas. 

Our grand babies are just three in a million. 

When we came back to the house the boys relaxed while the women boxed up a few more things. 

Marty found a special hard hat to which he needs to wear at work on Monday. Lol

If ya all don’t know. That’s a Trane hard hat to which Dad worked for. And Marty works for the competitor Johnson Controls. Lol. 

Well the grand kids and I had a ball playing games. 

Omg…. the girls found Mikaila’s little hat that Grammie would take her to the zoo in and a pair of panties that Grammie had when she was potty training her.  The boys found their cowboy hat that Grammie always had with the Radio Flyer Rocking horse. 

Our daughter in law found my stash of aprons to which I bought and meant to give the girls for Christmas but forgot I bought. Well Jamie wore it the whole time. Even to dinner. 

Omg. Gotta love that girl. 

Can’t help but laugh your ass off when hanging with these three. 

Tomorrow is a big day as the movers come by 8:00am

Martin is sound asleep as I write this blog. I’m excited for this next journey in life and still a little sad. 16 years in one place you collect a lot of crap 💩. I just hope when our children get this old they will remember this day and think back my mom and dad were really crazy. Enjoy the ride my children cause one day you will be in our shoes and your children in yours. Please know that we love you with everything that we are and we hope that everything we have built will remain in the family for generations to come. We love you all❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Till next time…..

Good night Joyce.