Daily Archives: June 14, 2017

Three men and a truck…..

Well the interstate move began Monday with the movers arriving late. 

But they loaded up with 300 pounds to spare. Whew!

We hit the road. I think Kansas loves it when we put items in the back seat cause then she gets to be close to us in the front seat. 

We arrived in New Mexico at 8:30 pm. We were so tired we just crashed in bed. 

The next morning we got to see the floor in the morning light. 

Kansas approved the work. It looks like she is standing on water. 

Well the movers arrived by 8;30 am. BAM they unloaded the truck in no time. 

Good thing these young dudes are strong. Cause that piano is 400 pounds. 

After the truck was empty we treated them to lunch and pie. 

After they left we had a few things to rearrange the country way. 

The house looks so different with furniture in it. 

We set the heavy pieces on dollies so we can roll them out of the way while we finish walls and ceilings. 

Martin tried out the sofa for a much needed break/nap. 

Martin was so happy with his solar system when we plugged in the fridge and saw the tiny load it had on the system. So proud of him. 

Sometimes this girl is just so damn cute. When I point my camera at her she ditches me by turning away. Her daddy has to get behind me and call her name. Miss Camera Shy/Sticky Paws. 

It’s Wednesday and we are heading back to clean up the last of the crap. Already have an appointment with the Garbage Guy on Monday  to come haul away the big pile of crap we are throwing away.  Then we can brush the dust off of us and lock the doors and say goodbye to a wonderful 16 in this house. Now it’s time to relax some at a slower pace breathing fresh air and watching nature at it best. 

Till next time….