Daily Archives: June 16, 2017

One more load…..

Holy crap!!! Yes crap, crap, and more crap. 

Martin had a job site trailer full of parts and supplies. We had to clean it out so he could get the tires fixed. This trailer only has about 200 miles on it but it sat for 15 years. Now it’s all clean and ready to haul. 

We irrigated for the last time in the middle of loading. 

Holy car crash. Our neighbors had a car crash into their tree trying to pass in the intersection. Good thing the really cool people who use to live there planted the tree 🌲 otherwise it could have been in the house. 

We are all settled in our new bedroom at The Treat Inn. Kansas was caught txing before bedtime. 

Gotta say this girl loves to ride in the car. Sharing laps she enjoys the ride. 

While Daddy fills the tank and empties the other she sits and waits. 

We finished loading this old trailer. Her last trip on the road. With expired tags and a dent in her rear end she traveled her last of 60,000 miles. Good thing cause as she sits here in New Mexico she let out a sigh and release the last bit of air out of one tire. 

We travel back to Arizona tomorrow. Some little boy named Trey turns 9.  Sunday we will spend the day cleaning and preparing the the garbage guy to come haul all our crap away. Monday we sign at 10:00, fingers crossed, and then that should be it. Tuesday cabinets arrive. Now the fun begins finishing building our dream home and getting settled into our love nest ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Till next time…..