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Home Sweet Home….6/25/17

Omg where do I start. 

These three little children are a Grammie and Papa’s joy. Trey celebrated his 9th birthday. Happy Birthday to the slugger in the middle. 

After the party Grammie with Jamie in the back seat took Mikaila out for a drive. She just got her permit the day before with 100% on her test. We did three point turns, and practiced parking between the lines. Let’s just say it took several attempts for her to get it between the lines but we had fun going around the round about over and over and over again. 

Even the supervisor joined in on her day off for some driving fun. Weeeeeeeeeee. 

With packing up things I found this picture of my daddy on Father’s Day. Poor Martin spent Fathers Day in the heat packing and cleaning. I owe him a special Fathers Day soon. 

When you have a lot of crap to get rid of who do you call?  The Garbage Guy!!!!! That’s who. Two truck loads of crap πŸ’© yep we paid someone to haul it away. 

We signed papers for the sale of the house on Monday at 10:00. The title company brought  us a gift 🎁   Yep an Apple Pie from Village Inn. Nice and warm. They had no idea where we were moving too. Yep died laughing. Pie Town New Mexico. 

With moving thought I pulled a muscle a week ago. Had a pain in my right side for a week. It didn’t go away. So I made an appointment at Mountain Vista Medical Center ER for 11:45am. Thought I should get it checked out before we leave. 

That’s one UGLY inflamed gall bladder. Left the Apple Pie with the staff in ER and I was in surgery by 5:00pm to remove it. Totally unexpected. Spent the night in the hospital. The most painful thing I have ever gone through. Martin called in the back up crew to finish the house aka Jamie and Mikaila and meet the buyers for a walk through at 6:00. Here I was worried about Martin and Martin was worried about me. 

So our get out of Arizona plan was changed in an instant. One ultrasound report!  

The crew did a great job and finally the house was done. 

The buyer let us keep the truck and trailer parked at the house. We weren’t leaving for 6 days. I had to be off pain meds, learn toπŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’© again and be able to drive my car. So we camped out at The Treat Inn. 

The dogs played and played. 

Molly snuggled with me while I recovered. 

The boys came home from vacation and joined in on the Survivor binge watching. 

Sunday morning we finally hit the road for our new home. With crap piled high we were the redneck movers. 

Arizona has been a great place to raise our children and we look forward to visiting. 

In the winter that is. This heat the last week was skin melting hot. 

The cool rain storms welcomed us home. 

As I write I am cozy in my sweats. The rain has fallen and the air smells so fresh.  

Till next time….