Daily Archives: June 27, 2017

Two days in….

Since our arrive to our new home. We have only found the time to unpack my car 🚗. 

Monday Martin spent the day finishing up a partially built building for a car house.  We picked up two cute kitty’s. 

We placed their food and water in their safe place. After playing with them for over an hour we placed them in their new shelter.  Went down to the house to hang the TV on the wall then went back up to check on them. As walking up I asked Martin if we need to teach these how to use the kitty door. We peeked inside and they were gone. Crap 💩.  We heard them outside the cargo cabin last night and Kansas found them under the cargo container this morning. But I can’t catch them. Hoping they will keep themselves safe. Kansas was so gentle towards them. 

Our dear friends Victoria and John invited us over for dinner knowing our situation sent us home with a nice doggie bag 💼. 

Today was an exciting day. Direct TV came to install the system. 

High up on the house the dish points to the sky to gather the signal. 

My handsome husband climbs high on the ladder to install a boost for our cell signals. 

The move has been overwhelming. We moved on stuff into a unfinished house.  So now there is stuff everywhere. We can’t put anything away till we finish building. I was able to find some of my supplies and get my machines up and running. Martin helped me the embroidery machine powered up. The floors are dirty but can’t take the time to clean them. So we have decided to take baby steps. One project at a time.  

Tonight we make lists. Tomorrow we need to get some supplies and some groceries. So off to Show Low we go. 

Thursday John is coming over to help Martin install the kitchen cabinets. One step at a time!

Me, I feel so helpless cause I can’t lift nothing over 10 pounds. Plus I need to work to meet my deadlines. Life happens. 

Till next time….