Daily Archives: June 28, 2017

A day of shopping….

Rrrrrrrrrr…….you think shopping mid week  it would be not busy. Hell NO!  Busy, busy, busy!!!! People, people everywhere. Traffic in Show Low!!!!  Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. We left the valley to get away from that. 

Last night we were able to catch our cute new Kitties put them in their cat house so they can eat and climb back into bed. And then meow!!!  What the hell. They are houdini’s. I try to keep them safe but they have their own methods. This morning we found them in the tree safe. I bought some canned food today for them. Bribery!!!  They will like me now. 

After a day of shopping. I created a make shift pantry in my china hutch. 

My fridge is finally full of food. 

We bought a grill today for the patio we still need to build. Lol. 

She’s a beauty. But she’s got a big heavy ass. Muscle arrives Friday to help. AKA Marcus. 

And after that busy day. Martin came home and put an electrical outlet by his panel to charge his tool Batteries. And I skim coated the kitchen wall. Dr said no lifting. He said nothing about spreading. Shhhhhhhhh

Now for it to dry. Sand it tomorrow quickly cause John’s coming over to help install the cabinets. The skim coat smoothes out the unevenness of the plywood. This wall will have grass cloth wall paper on it. 

Another step…….

Till next time…..