Daily Archives: July 16, 2017

Drunk shower…..

Today was a normal day. Martin installed some insulation. 

I unloaded some storage boxes into my new rolling Cubbies before I started working. 

This for me is a huge deal. I use to have to climb stairs up to the mezzanine to get into my supplies. And be careful not to bang my head on a beam. So thankful right now. 

This morning this mysterious fog swallowed up the Allgrea Mountain. 

The kitties enjoyed the morning sunshine. 

The monsoons were building. I was watching these wild flowers dance in the wind all day. So I caught them just before the storm hit. 

It rained so hard that we could not see the mountain. 

Martin spent the afternoon working on our water filtration system . 

Different filters purify the rain water 💦. 

After dinner I handed Martin a glass of scotch. After enjoying the tasty treat ( no pun intended) we took our outdoor shower. I made a comment about how the water is so sharp. Martin said, “we could get a new head”.I said,” how do we do that?”  He said, “Just order it!”  I said, ” can you order me one?” He laughed. I think he was thinking dirty. I said, “I want a new young head so I don’t get old”. He said, ” why young people are not smart” then the water heater turns off as he is under the water. I’m drying off trying to go quickly so I can exit the shower to go to the heater to turn the button off then on again so he can have a hot shower. Then with his drunk old brain he flips the lever above his head turning off the water flow then flips it  again returning the water flow. Then we hear the flames ignite. He has hot water. And he said,  “that is what an old brain does, fixes shit. Young brain would freak out”. Omg we died laughing naked in the shower. Perfect ending to a perfect day. 

Till next time…..