We have power….

The morning started out with our kitties knocking at the screen door. Kansas wanted to go out and the kitties wanted in. 

Slowly they explored the cargo cabin and they settled on Kansas bed. When Kansas came back in she was so confused. You could just read her eyes, “MOM”. I told her to share so she laid on the floor watching them closely.  But eventually she found her place on her bed again. 

Today Ron came over to give Martin a hand pulling wire. We’ve got plugs at the kitchen counters. Plugs in the bathroom. And power in the green house. And even a temporary light in the living room. 

John also stopped by. He went to pick in our wood pile for some blocks and what he found was a rattle snake 🐍.  Luckily he is ok.  Then Martin later went to see if it was out and it was but it scurried away. So tonight we went out with gun in hand. 

After poking in the wood pile Martin  decided to wait till morning. 

Being shot while sun bathing sounded like a better plan. Yea yea yea. I agree!!!

Here’s a shot I took the other night after the storm. Love the wild flowers 🌺 

Till next time….


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