Piddle pants….

My handsome husband loves to piddle. He pressed hard the other day to get the area ready in our bedroom to be able to set up our bed. He put up the tin on the ceiling. He ordered our new mattress. Well the mattress arrived and he was like a kid in a candy store. Couldn't wait to sleep in our new home in our own bed.
Yes the bed is red. I need to repaint it but now there is no time in my schedule for that so RED it is.
So we put our new mattress on the bed and SHIT!!! It's WRONG. The tag said California King size but it measured something different. Martin had to call Casper, send pictures and finally they are sending a new mattress. Sleep on it anyway we did. We put the too big sheets on and enjoyed our first night in our new home.

After my season ends the first thing I'm doing is making us a quilt and dust ruffle for our bed.

Even Kansas got a new Casper bed!!!

Today Martin piddled on the water purification system.

Tonight is Friday night. The rain dances on the roof. This is the calm after all the thunder and lightening. We are relaxing. Yes relaxing watching World Series of Poker. Can't wait to see what Mr Piddle Pants does tomorrow.

Till next time….

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