Daily Archives: July 30, 2017

We have water…

This week Martin ran the pex tubing through out the house. He finished hooking up the filtration system.
With all that done TA-DA
Running water. !!!!!!!!
Martin ran a bunch of water tests to make sure we are safe and tonight I am enjoying a cup of coffee made with our collected water. Yum yum 👅

After pondering over cutting in the kitchen sink, Martin finally said a prayer and sawed away. And after a little fine tuning he achieved perfection!!!!
During monsoon season the wild flowers pop up at different times. Here are some of them.
I love being able to watch the storms roll in. Dump the rain and then roll out.
Martin installed a dimmer switch in our bedroom. Hubba hubba!!! The color reflecting is breath taking.
Today is Sunday and it was a shopping day. So that means tonight is a resting night. Enjoy your evening.

Till next time…..