Monthly Archives: July 2017

Happy Hump day….

Starting Monday I have been in full blown work mode. It is so hard to ignore what Martin is doing. He is doing what little projects he can do by himself. 

He framed out the tin wall in our bedroom. He ran power to the kitchen. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ so our fridge is plugged into the wall instead of an extension cord.  He brought power to the outlets at the counter tops. But since we don’t have counter tops yet he put two 2 x 4’s across so we can use the new microwave. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Today Martin had his chore to do. LAUNDRY!!!!  He came back with the clean clothes and a bunch of quarters for the next  time. I love having a retired husband. 

Martin surprised me with a rustic pallet wood box to hold candles for our lighting right now. 

It has been warm here. With no insulation in the ceiling and lots of holes in the window wall it gets pretty warm in here in the afternoon. Bring on the monsoons please. Till then we have a fan to keep us some what cool. 

Living in a construction zone is challenging. You have to be inventive. I have a dish washing station, prep station  and a cooking station with a camping stove. It’s kind of funny, camping in your house but we are able relax on the sofa watching tv πŸ“Ί in the evenings. 

Our neighbor, John is building me my rolling drawers that go under my Cubbies. Can’t wait to be able to all my stuff away. 

Till next time…..


Beautiful Sunday morning….

We started the day with a nice grilled big breakfast. Biscuits and gravy, bacon and scrambled eggs. 

The girls finished up a few more tiles before they hit the road. 

Then it was bonding time with the kitties. 

Mikaila named the kittens. This is Mik. 

Can you see the M on her forehead?  

This is Squirt. 

She is a little more stand offish right now. 

Mikaila made some cozy little boxes for the kitties to snuggle in. 

They think their pretty cool. Mik snuggled in one and cleaned herself. 

Mikaila helped Papa move a gang box into place for our garbage can. Animal proof!!!!

We can’t thank the Williams family enough for all their help and for enduring the little heatwave in the afternoons. Bring on the monsoons!!!!!

Till next time…..


Day of fun….

With cabinets installed we had lots and lots of cardboard garbage. So we loaded the trailer and did a family trip to the transfer station. 

Mikaila’s first experience she found disgusting. So her make shift filter came into use. 

The crew fed the hungry compactor. 

Grand opening of this western town was happening this weekend so we thought we would check it out. 

Marcus was enjoying his experience 

Shows ran all day. 

On the way back we found a very small array. 

After a morning of fun it was time to get back to do work!  Girls tiled while the boys worked on a watering station for the animals. 

Another supervisor watches closely making sure each tile is placed correctly. 

At sunset we went up to the knoll. We watched a herd of elk travel across the valley below. Two of the cutest little babies followed their mommies closely. 

Till next time….


Check, check, check….

Thursday John arrived to help Martin install the cabinets. 

Measure twice hang cabinets once. 

So our kitchen is one step closer

The Williams’ arrived and ready to do work. Marcus helped Martin put together the new grill. Yes! Don’t have to eat out anymore. 

The girls jumped right in helping me move boxes out of my studio. Mikaila organized my spices. 

There is always a supervisor around making sure things are done right. 

After lunch of course we had to take them to get pie at the Pioneer. 

Then a tour of the toaster house. 

Then back to work. The boys worked on a wall in the bedroom while the girls glued tile on the wal. 

This wall will be behind our bed. 

After a day of work it’s time to relax in our patio that is not there. 

Steaks, corn on the cob with roasted potatoes πŸ₯” is what’s for dinner!!

Till next time….