Busy week…..

We can't believe it's Friday again. The weeks just fly by.
Our kitties are growing up fast. Sometimes finding them is difficult!!!

Martin is packin' a new pistol. The judge with 2" barrel. Look out snakes.

Up here to register your vehicles you have to drive 1-1/2 hours. So Monday Martin drove over to register my car and get his licence. So then Wednesday we both went so I could get my licence and Martin could register his truck. The long drive is a pretty one back in some canyons. The wild flowers are just beautiful at this time of year.
After taking care of business we enjoyed a great BBQ lunch.
What's so funny about this DMV office is my new plate is 22 and Martins truck two days later is 25. So they only issued two other plates.
We had to take the kitties to get their vaccines. Of course the supervisor can always be found close by.
More wild flowers are blooming. They just make summer so fun cause they bloom at different times.
Martin completed the bedroom wall.
It makes the room look so big.

Martin also completed the faucet in the green house. This let's us fill our own water tank for our out door showers.
You should have seen the drill bit Martin had to buy to drill through this 6×6 post that these are screwed too. BIG, LONG and STRONG!!!!

The sauna is getting swallowed up by wildflowers
Ok this next picture is totally red neck engineering. After our long trip to DMV we stopped at the local hardware store. I had to pee so in the bathroom I found this faucet. Yes in a hardware store. Don't they sell better faucets than that. I died laughing and couldn't wait to show Martin this picture.

Till next time…..


One thought on “Busy week…..

  1. Oh my goodness, I am loving your photos of the wildflowers. It’s just gorgeous.
    You vehicle plates are very beautiful and colorful.
    Ok, that red-neck faucet was hysterical! Had me laughing out loud.
    Thank you for sharing you and Martin’s journeys. I am enjoying it.

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