Finally it arrived….

Awhile ago our neighbor John hit an elk traveling on the roads here. Did $7,000 worth of damage to his truck. After hearing that story Martin ordered himself a brush guard for the front of his truck. Well it never arrived. After time they refunded his money so he ordered from a different company. That was another challenge but finally it was delivered. Martin and Ron spent Monday ripping into the front of Martins truck. After about 3 hours they finally had it installed. Winch and all!!! This winch is a big dog. It has the strength to pull his truck straight up a mountain if needed.
Sexy isn't it!!!

I took Sunday off and decided to finish placing the mosaic tiles on our bedroom wall. Now all I need is glitter grout! That will be my next day off!
With the monsoons the wildflowers just keep blooming.
And the sunsets are breathtaking
One of Martins mile stones was hooking up the hot water heater and the recirculating hot water line. Don't know how he does it. Still amazes me everyday.

This was a shot standing in my studio looking out. The moon was so bright last night!!!

During one of our monsoons our game camera picked up this shot. It rained so hard you can see it dancing on the ground. It looks very mysterious.
Wicked right?

Till next time…..

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