Daily Archives: August 22, 2017

Life on the ranch…..

We took a week off and headed off to Bonneville. We met Martins Aunt Rita and Uncle Phil. Uncle Phil built a cool Rat Rod. We had beautiful weather and great company.

My favorite part on the 29 was the wigg wag.

He steps on the brake and it moves side to side. I giggled every time it happened.

Some of the cars we saw were amazing but not as much as the 29.

When we got back from fun and it was back to work and building.

Martin put up more tin on the ceiling and permanently installed the chandelier.

We were able to move the dresser out of the closet. And then move the clothing racks out of the bathroom and into the closet. Now Martin has room to work on the plumbing.

While waiting for hole saws to arrive Martin took that time to figure out a lay out for the pantry. With a plan he now could order everything he needs to complete it.

The kitties are becoming a real part of the family. With the warm weather we have the doors open. They felt brave enough to take over Kansas bed.

They are so funny to watch them sleep. They cuddle together so cute!!!

Kansas the next day is like, this is my bed.

She guards her food. Once in awhile a Martin catches the kitties eating Kansas food and he tells them, “you eat that and you will start barking!” Cracks me up.

This morning it was just so pretty. The kitties are waiting for us as we open the door. We are dressed in our robes with our towels in tow as we head up the trail to the shower. Behind us we can hear a herd of elephants running towards us and they zoom past us. Scratching on the dead wood that lines the trail. I think they are showing off. Then the elephants run up all the way to the shower. Yea it was the kitties. You would think they would be light on their feet. The morning always starts with a giggle.

Today we had to go to the Post Office so as we came down this hill BAM 💥 there was a deer standing along the dirt road watching us as we were watching it.

Then as we approached slowly it watched us longer. Martin snapped a picture and almost on cue it turned and leaped over the wire fence with such grace and little effort. As I drove around the curve it stood there on the other side of the fence sticking its tongue out. It watched us again watching it. I started to roll down my window and it took off hopping like a playful child. Jumping off the ground with all four hooves at one time. We could hear it saying as it happily hopped off was, ” haha you can’t catch me”. That is the best part of life on the ranch. No day is the same.

Martin was out burning in the burn barrel. He found a friend. Mr. Horney Toad.

Next he sees this wild flower all alone just waiting for him to take its picture.

Pretty in purple.

Life on the ranch is peaceful and relaxing even when working.

Till next time…..