We have almost counter tops…..

Martin was busy this week. He created my new light for above the sink

He formed up the counter tops

I found this Z Countertop System on Pinterest. Everything you need for a do-it-your-selfer. That’s us!!!

Next step a little clean up then the mesh goes in. Expert help is coming over the Holiday weekend.

Tonight we went to take Kansas for a walk and the kitties decided to join in. We took the outside loop and they went the whole way. Mik would get tired and just plop in the ground to rest. Tongues hanging they found the energy to hunt a mouse out of a tree.

This little guy was quiet as a mouse, pun intended, as the kitties never saw it. He lives another day.

The kitties would climb in the trees.

They kind of look like a bobcat.

The wild flowers are forever blooming.

There are millions of these tiny little yellow flowers everywhere

These are new!!!

This is one of the reasons we call our home Dead-Wood-Ranch. When I see these dead souls I always wonder what their stories are. Hit by lightening? Disease? Old age? Fire? Either standing strong or laying peacefully on their side on the ground they still provide us with a beautiful opportunity for a photo.

Till next time…..


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