Daily Archives: September 4, 2017

Fire time….

Sunday night we hung out by the fire.

S’mores were on the menu.

Tanner had to warm his belly.

Then every one took turns holding the moon

Then it was silly story telling time and going on a stick hunt!!!! Boys loved feeding the fire.

After biscuits and gravy for breakfast Monday morning, the kids were out playing as mom and dad packed up their stuff

Just something about how beautiful the mornings are.

Can’t thank the Treat Family for their help this weekend. And we can’t wait to be able to take the forms off the concrete to reveal the masterpiece.

Here the counter top sets drying and waiting to be stripped naked.

To be continued.

Till next time…..


Happy Holiday….

Martin spent the week preparing for the Labor Day weekend

He worked in the pantry.

Ron stopped by to provide some added muscle. Then we spent a Friday night out at Frank and Lizanne’s partying with our neighbors.

Saturday the help arrived. We enjoyed lunch at the cafe then stopped in at the Pie-O-Neer for pie. This table we are sitting at I donated to the pie shop. It was very hard to give it up but it just didn’t fit in the new house.

Had to take the kids to see the Toaster House. They thought it was really cool. While we were at the Pie Shop we met a couple who are from Texas. They own the old adobe school house here in Pie Town. They converted it into a get away place. They turned the classrooms into bedrooms and a kitchen/ living room. The old hardwood floors creaked with every step. Chalk boards still hung on the walls. Water fountains still provide accent decorations in the hall way. Here the grand children are allowed to scooter in every room except the kitchen/ living room. The bathrooms still proudly display the boys and girls lettering on the doors. Boys on one side of the hall girls on the other. In talking with this couple they bought the old school house in 1972. They furnished it with old findings out of dump or items given to them. A mix of old and older. Just adorable. Even on one wall you can see the markings of all their children and grand children as they grew over the years. Precious moments have been made there.

We came back to our house and after showing the kids our progress the boys got busy doing boy things.

Bang bang bang. The BB guns were busy bouncing off the tin cans.

Then the bigger guns came out. Trey shot his first real gun. 22 pistol. Marty and Martin shot my dads old Ruger 22.

Sunday morning brought CONCRETE!!!!

While breakfast was being made.

The children were slowly waking up.

The floors and cupboards were prepped.

Then the mixing began.

And the pouring

And the leveling

Since the boys were busy working on the counter tops. The girls and the children started spreading the mud on the wall.

Everyone was busy spreading something somewhere.

Then it was time for some more shooting. This time the target was an old bowling ball.

Rifles and pistols equals fun.

Us girls started spreading grout on the mosaic wall

This process will take some time so it will have to be broken up into little bites out of the elephant.

Trey shot his first 9mm pistol. He is growing so big.

Till next time…