Can you say loudly…..TILE!!!

After the cement cured, Martin striped the forms to reveal the perfect imperfect counter tops.

Sanding revealed some grit and character with personality.

Tile was next on the honey do list.

He cut, leveled, stuck, pressed, adjusted and spaced for three days.

Every peek around the corner of my sewing room more tiles stretched higher and higher towards the ceiling.

We were so anxious to see what the kitchen could hopefully look like, we test fit the hood.

Just like we planned. LOVE IT!!!!

So as easy as it went up it came down just as easy. With pouty lips, I watched the progress go backwards. You just can’t grout with that in place!

Higher and higher the tiles go till they can go no more.

He has done it!!!! My man!!!

Tonight we attended the fund raiser for new play ground equipment. Ladies of the community made spaghetti, salad and French bread.

I offered to make my famous English toffee. After 39 years of making it, it bombed! Tried a second batch in a different pan. Bomb!!! Oh crap that’s right altitude! Thought it was because of cooking it on a camping stove. I was so disappointed I couldn’t contribute to the community. So what do I do? That’s right, sit down and ordered 4 high altitude cookbooks on Amazon. With those and a stove installed soon I’ll be able to contribute.

We met some new and interesting people. Jewel Star is an author and her books can be found on Amazon. Patty Pannell and Austin Ladd were on tour singing when they traveled through Pie Town many years ago and decided to make it their home.

They sing beautifully together. They can be found tomorrow at 11:30 playing at the Pie Town Festival.

Tomorrow is festival day and also our beautiful daughter Jamie’s 37th birthday. So Happy Birthday Jamie! Even though we are 5 hours apart Dad and I will be thinking of you. It will also be our 39th wedding Anniversary. Baby we’ve come so far since that first date roller skating. Now looks at us!! Enjoying life in Pie Town. I love you more everyday.

Tomorrow I will be helping Kathy at the Pie-O-Neer and Martin will be helping Lori at the Cafe. Once the visiting Peeps have eaten and/or bought all the pies made Martin and I will finally be together. Maybe dancing! Or dead in bed from pie-mania.

Loving life!

Till next time…..


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