My busy bee 🐝…

Martin rolls and rolls and rolls. First the sealer.

Then the polish.

With every step we fall more in love with the counter tops. The natural beauty of just concrete fits our home perfectly.

Pie Festival was a blast. The crew at the Pie-O-Neer served 194 pies to pie hungry people. I arrived early and helped Stan mix and bake the cream pies.

As people arrived. Slice by slice whole pies were cut into some what equal pies. Slice by slice they were eaten by the hungry pie wanting people. From 10:00 am till 3:00 pm hungry pie people came in the front door and left full happy pie people. I really love the history of this place.

Kathy the owner is what makes the Pie-O-Neer. Her enthusiasm and love for pie is infectious.

Last years pie princess passed her crown onto another special lady of the community. Had to catch this picture with her bling bling on.

Only a few slices left. Hurry take on or you might not get one.

After my job was done I walked down to the Cafe. This is where Martin helped out.

I got to watch his cute little ass take ordered from hungry people. Lori said he was just amazing. Well I knew that!!

I’ve leaned since being up here now for almost 3 months is that time flies so fast. We as people are just busy living. Stop during your day and just look around you. For us today we woke up to an elk in our front yard. And as I walked down the path from the out house I noticed the beautiful 4 O’Clocks are dying.

But just down the path the late bloomers struggle to hang onto life.

This little late bloomer is now going to seed so it will live again next year.

Life continues no matter what happens. No matter who leaves this planet. People, plants, bugs or animals. Only the strong survive to live another year. I hope Martin and I have many more years to enjoy watching life cycles come and go.

Till next time…..


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