Daily Archives: September 23, 2017

Two weeks of fun……happy retirement Martin

There hasn’t been any progress here because Martin has been fulfilling his dream of attending the Reno Air Races and then going to Balls.

He flew into Sacramento then drove down to visit his parents. Every moment he gets to see them he treasures.

Then he drove up to Reno. He met his brother Jerry there. They enjoyed the races and most of all bro time. Then Jerry left to go help his wife and his other brother joined in on the fun. They spent two days of racing and lots of much needed bro time.

He had lots of fun in the sun and was ready to get home. He arrived Monday night for Rome much needed wife time. Heeheee. Then we got up early Tuesday morning and drove to AZ. I had a fitting with my new client the AZ Cardinal Cheerleaders. Martin is the official scribe and many fellas have offered to take his spot!!!

Then Wednesday he headed out bright and early with a friend Scott. 16-1/2 hour drive to the middle of nowhere. This event is called Balls. I’m guessing because you gotta have big balls to play with these big ass rockets.

Good thing Martin brought his heavy coat cause it was freezing in the middle of nowhere.

While I was in AZ I took Kansas to get all pretty.

As you can see she was a furry dirty girl.

Our beautiful grand daughter Mikaila has her first boyfriend. Logan.

Honor student and football player. Marcus already scared the shit out of him so he should respect her and treat her right.

I got to spend time with the boys. Always a hoot

Trey is in third grade

And a Tanner is in first.

Man how time flies when you get old.

The sunrises are breathtaking

Today is Saturday and my first weekend off in awhile. I was able to unpack some boxes. Now the kitties have no more playground inside.

They just crack me up.

Hey but they are earning their keep. Killed a bird and a mouse.

I also grouted more on the bedroom wall. Only about 1/4 more to go. Exhausted from climbing up and down, up and down. I need a shower but it has been gusty windy all day so this could be interesting. Wish me luck. I might have to run around in the shower to get wet. Lol.

Till next time……