Daily Archives: October 1, 2017

One week home…. can you say progress?

I picked up Martin in Albuquerque on Monday night. Driving home through the Datil area we must have seen 20 elk along the road late at night. Thank goodness we didn’t have to use that new guard on Martins truck.

First thing Martin did was to install the vent hood over the stove.

Always making sure things are straight and level.

Next on the honey do list is the STOVE!!!! The most exciting day in the world.

John came over to give Martin a helping hand, back and lots of muscles.

She’s so sexy!!! Thermador Professional. My dream stove!!!

Scare me. Hold onto her!!

Bammmm the sexy girl sits in place happy and ready to do work.

Work she did. Had to try out the oven. My first high altitude baking. Oatmeal raisin. Yum yum.

Next practice meal was my Shit Soup. Just throw shit in a pot spice it up and call it soup.

Homemade biscuits topped off a perfect meal on a cold raining day.

The next day with leftover biscuits Martin suggested Shit in a Shingle. Perfect!!!! Idea!!!!!

So if someone asked me what is the first thing you made with your new stove my answer will be, Shit just all shit!!

A few more shelves in the pantry makes it complete!!!

Happy national coffee day. Cheers!

Next on Martin’s honey get er done list was pulling the wood burning stoves out of the green house and place them where they will come to life soon.

At 600 pounds a piece. HEAVY.

The second most exciting day was running hot and cold water at the kitchen sink.

Since the design on our home is modeled after an Earthship we do not have a septic system. So the grey water needs to go somewhere. That will be the job of the planter boxes. So soon a lot of digging will be going on. The sink water, shower water and washing machine water goes through this trap first.

Then drains into the flower bed one and when it gets full.

Then it will drain into flower bed 2

The plants drink up the water and then when flower bed 2 gets full it will be pumped into flower bed 3,4,5 and 6. And then it is recirculated back to flower bed one.

Today we are working on painting of bead board for the closet.

And we mocked up the size for the island.

We are taking an antique dresser and flipping it into an island. Painted a solid color with the concrete top it will be perfect.

It has been a perfect weekend working with my hubby again but come Monday back to work mode. Finishing up Suns new jumper then starting Cardinals new dresses and jackets.

Till next time…..