Daily Archives: October 7, 2017

Whoop whoop!!!

What a week.

The sun has made its move towards the south. The sun now stretches its warm rays into the house, warming up the morning chill.

Martin is caught painting the block wall in the closet. His favorite pass time!!!!

While he works hard I’m busy building a bottle wall for the shower. Martin installed the bead board I painted last weekend then he stapled up the insulation.

The black pipe arrived so up it goes. Darn we forgot unions for the pipe. Can’t make squares out of pipe without unions. So off to the computer we run to place another order.

The next step while we wait is to put up the ceiling. Piece by piece, screw by screw the tin goes up.

Now it’s time to get our clothes off the rolling racks.

This week we also brought the wood burning stoves out of the green house

Dave Smith, our dear friend, sent some muscles to help install the stoves. With a lot of head scratching one was ready for wood.

Mamas gonna be warm this winter.

With only one stove installed this gave us time to install the faux stone wall.

The kitties brought us a present last night. So thought we’d try fried mouse for dinner.

Today I watched Squirt as she had a chipmunk in her mouth play with it. She let it go and it climbed super high in a tree. She climbed after it and just as she got close the chipmunk jumped for its life. It landed on all fours then ran away to either hide or die.

Till next time….