Daily Archives: November 17, 2017

Life is good….

As I stand here in the kitchen waiting for the hot water to boil so I can make coffee in the French press the morning begins.

We let in the kitty from her nightly hunt. She is still on high alert. I try to pick her up to give her a good morning hug, she is not ready for love yet. She scurries over to the water drain pipe waiting for the water to secretly flow out. This intrigues her!!

Kansas makes her usual rrrrrrr noise to catch my attention. This is what she wants.

To receive one she has to give me her paw 10 times right then left right then left etc. Sometimes she get confused right left left right. I correct her and remind her things worth doing are worth doing good.

This is her after an afternoon playing in the weeds. I know people usually hide their weed in their pockets but she wears her weed well.

As the tea pot whistle blows, the sun rises waking the world.

Last night Martin received notice of activity on the game camera. Mama deer and two babies come to drink and eat.

As the coffee brews, Martin has started the wood burning stoves to keep me warm. The smell of the wood burning is a comforting smell. The flames blaze with warmth.

The kitty and the dog go outside to play. They crack us up playing catch me if you can.

This morning is a bowl of cereal before we start our day. Martin will be working in the bathroom and I will be making toy soldier pants to go with this jacket.

Yep life is good……

Till next time……