We finally received our second snow fall.

As you can see it has been a little colder.

3″ of snow means more water in our tanks.

Thank goodness for Mother Nature’s warm sun rays. Even when it’s cold outside she warms our home perfectly.

The solar panels melt the snow quickly.

After this snow fall it truly was so pretty. Riding to the Post Office the morning sun makes the snow covered ground sparkle like glitter.

Now we are on a warming trend again. And since it was going to be warm the contractor we hired to pour the shop pad wanted to get started. So why wait right?

Martin with Franks help cut down and moved some trees in one day and the next day here they are. Leveling, grading and laying the AB rock in and forms in.

The next day they installed the rebar.

So Monday morning the concrete arrives. After Martin and I prepared the house foundation we realized preparing another foundation is something we just didn’t want to do. Lol. Yep we gots us some smarts now!

I’m almost done with my deadlines so we see an indoor shower in our future. Yippeeeeeee! Some days it has been 40 degrees outside but the nice hot steaming shower feels so good.

Martin was searching on his computer for a manual for Marty. In his search he found this letter that I wrote 16 years ago.

One semester of creative writing is my only college class. Lol.

Kitty was found tonight playing with my new phone.

SELFIE……..bright light…..bright light!

Till next time……..


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