Yesterday began with a sign. It was a day of hard work. But not for us.

These guys are just the best. They poured our house foundation. And now the shop.

The trucks came one at a time. The guys worked endless for hours pouring them smoothing.

The guys danced and danced moving and spreading.

Martin and I watched, learning………we learned that we hopefully are done with concrete. It’s a beast.

From nothing ………

To something………

Now the fun begins. Erecting the building but first this must cure.

Gotta share these pictures a friend up here posted. I blew them up cause I wanted a close up to see what they looked like.

Now I can see the difference between the male and females.

Now can you tell the difference?

Haha made you look!!!

Kansas and I went for a walk this morning.

She was busy sniffing and running around. As I approached the first snow patch I just stood there and admired it. It glittered so pretty in the morning light. Then as I walked on it it crunched beneath my feet like walking on a snow cone. I giggled like a little girl. As I came to the next patch the bunny tracks made me giggle again. They look like a face imprinted into the snow. Two big long eyes with a mouth that makes a circle. It looks like it’s saying Ooooooooo. So I giggled and move on. Crunch, crunch, crunch. The next patch was different. Clean, no tracks, soft. And it was like walking on sugar. No crunch just soft smash. I notice the weirdest things. Rounding every curve, the snow patches glitter and one even looked like the sand dunes we use to ride but on a much smaller scale. I wished only if I was super little how fun would this be. Guess I would need a tiny little quad too!

As I approached the end of the walk I looked up to the house. The sun warmed my face, the ravens sang in the background. I thought back of where we were almost 3 years ago clearing trees to make room for this place we now call home. Yep, this is home! Thankful for what we have and so thankful for what Mother Nature give us.

Till next time…..


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