Happy Saturday to us….

I have been so busy working but today I was able to take the day off.

We slept in till 8:30am. Yep you heard that right. Totally not the norm. After a nice late breakfast we began our day.

Martin waterproofed the shower.

This membrane is not only a paint on membrane but all so pretty.

Martin is applying the second coat.

He has one more coat to go. You know what that means? We can start tiling in the morning! Wahooooo!

Martin is ready to build his desk so before he can do that I needed to grout the rock wall. So this was my job today.

I mixed the grout then just pushed and massaged in the gooooo. I used a paint brush to smooth and press the grout into the rocks. A lot of washing comes next.

When the sealer is applied the colors will shine.

This week was the big beautiful blue moon.

Hummmmm I never did see the blue!

I needed a new mouse pad for my embroidery station and my handsome husband surprised me with this!

Martin has been helping our neighbor, Frank, upgrade his solar system. They could be found enjoying a cold one after a long day.

Till next time……


4 thoughts on “Happy Saturday to us….

    1. Lol. No not yet. The concrete needs to cure and it just was sealed and needs another coat. We had a school friend pass away so we just got back from a quick trip to California for his celebration of life. We are exhausted.

      I have about two weeks of work left then it’s
      Shower first then shop. Priorities!!!!

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