Happy Snow Days…..

Winter is upon us.

We just love going for a walk when it is snowing. This is the deck on the knoll.

Martin made his first snowman.

Just the perfect snow.

Kansas is like, “Really dad, we have a trail to hit.”

It just never gets old.

Kitty was interested but said, “Not today.”

After getting home from our quick trip to California, Martin brought home the bug. So while I was finishing my work he rested.

Yes he rested by building his desk.

Just a few hours of work a day.


Painting! Which he does not like to do.


This is such a big step. No computer on his desk. No printer on his desk. Lots of room for him to do whatever he wants on his desk.

With another snow fall it was a perfect time to finally burn our huge burn pile. 2×4’s, 4×4’s, plywood, 6×6’s and all the other scraps from the build.

It burned all afternoon and by morning is was all gone.

With the nice wet snowy weather driving to the Post Office leaves your truck a new color!

3″ of snow equals water in the tanks.

And 3″ of snow equaled a leak in the house. A whole pot of water came in. One of our penetrations for our wood stove decided to leak. Luckily we did not put insulation or the ceiling up so as soon as it dried out on the roof Martin went up and added more screws and goop! Fixed!

Our girl loves the snow. She says, “The more snow the more fun!”

I have completed my work for the season so now I have some time off.

With Martin not feeling well he still mustarded up a little energy to start finishing up my storage area. It needed insulation, wiring for the light and tin for the ceiling. This project will be finished another day.

I was able to take the time to unpack some boxes today.

I waited for 8 months to do this. Step by step!

Hopefully tomorrow my hubby feels a little better.

Till next time…..


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