Fun day!

Today we had a fun day planned. Riding in the hills with friends.

We started with breakfast at our house. Biscuits and gravy! Homemade hash browns! Bacon! Heart attack on a plate!

With our belly’s full we headed to the hills. We saw wild turkeys. As we traveled on the dirt roads, almost to our destination, John yells and stops! Shit! A quad fell off the trailer

Broken and bruised the poor quad was turned onto its wheels.

It took the boys and their muscles to get the quad back safely on the trailer.

Off we go! Trail 11 up to the Mangas look out.

Break time!

The higher we went the prettier it got.

The south side of the mountain brought us lots of snow.

The south side brought us drier roads.

The tour guide double checked his navigation skills.

We couldn’t have picked a better day.

After a ride we stopped for lunch.

As we ate I saw the most handsome man.

And as we rode I found the most interesting tree.

Alligator bark juniper. Coolest thing ever.

The terrain changed as we went up, down and around the mountains.

Our partners in crime. Neighbors up the hill! John and Victoria

And our neighbors up the road. Frank and Lizanne.

As we traveled I could see the beautiful landscape in the fall with all the fall colors. I see another trip in the future.

We made it to the look out only to find the road to it closed.

The trip was worth every minute.

Back to the start and the toys loaded, I found evidence hiding.

The three musketeers!

And their beautiful winches! That is an inside joke.

This was just some of the old buildings in our travels.

Came home tired and dusty. Nice hot outdoor shower felt so good. Good day + good friends = great day!

Till next time……


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