Daily Archives: March 9, 2018

PooPoo Privacy….

We took the time to build our first barn door.

Will it fit?

Of course it will. Now it’s time to stain.

And the final adjustments.

Pipe handle complete. With the family coming up during spring break they can poop in peace!

Martin started grouting the shower tile.

These are the last three pieces of ship lap that are being stained.

During the build we would buy 30-60 pieces at a time for a total of over 325 pieces.

This table as you can see will always tell the staining story. Colonial Maple, red mahogany, black cherry, provincial, classic grey, weathered grey, ebony and Jacobean. Leftover cans of stain will not go to waist as I have many ideas in my head just waiting to come to life.

I’m sure Martin will be happy to help me with my crazy brain stuff.

Till next time……..