I must say today was the most fun we’ve had showering in the snow. It’s 32 degrees outside and the snow was coming down in a wet heavy snow. We stomped up the hill in the slush. You could feel the snowflakes hit you in the face.

We snuggled under the shelter of the corrugated tin of the shower structure watching the water rain down out of the shower head. The steam appeared, it was ready. Stepping out of my boots the floor was soooooo cold. As you step into the hot water, awe it feels so good. And as you are going through the showering process any body part that was not in the stream of the hot water was pelleted with the very large wet cold snowflakes. It was the most interesting sensation. Hot and shocking cold little touches at the same time.

Now we sit warm and cozy next to the fireplace.

Jamie, Marcus and Mikaila are on their way up here. Drive safely kids and Dad will be ready to rescue you if needed.

Till next time…..


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