Family help!!!

The Williams Family arrived Sunday night.

After a breakfast of my biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs we all got to work.

Jamie and Mikaila could be found breaking tile and creating art in the wall.

Martin and Marcus were busy finishing up the ship lap on the bathroom wall.

Piece by piece the ship lap grew closer to the ceiling.

Till I cut the last piece and the wall was complete.

This cute little supervisor was exhausted from making sure everyone stayed busy. And chasing poor Squirt. Kitty could be found hiding high up.

This morning Jamie was back at it. It’s like an unfinished puzzle for her.

Piece by piece.

Our wall finishing are not quick to finish projects.

The rest of us started the work in preparing the bottles for the bottle wall part of the shower.

First bottle cut!!!!!!!

Rinsed by Marcus.

Then dried by Mikaila.

Test fit!

It takes two bottle butts to make one for the wall.

Our family and neighbors have been saving bottles for us for this project.

Big or small, round or square we take ’em all.

Now this is family love. Come to visit and they work for food.

Mikaila finally was able to catch Squirt for a brief moment till the little dogs scared her away again.

Mikaila wanted stickers for her water bottle. So we taught her the process of vinyl cutting.

Papa cut it, I weeded it and Mikaila learned to place it and stick it.

After the children headed back to the Arizona valley, we decided to placed the bottles we made.

A mix of mortar and one hot chick.

This is what you get.

Martin quickly did an estimate of how many bottles we need and his guess is 1,200. That means we need we need 2,400 bottles to cut. So drink up friends and family!!!!

Thank you to Williams’ for all their help.

Till next time…..


2 thoughts on “Family help!!!

  1. Hello, we hope all is well. It looks like you’ve been very busy. I noticed in one of your pictures your debit card with all account numbers are showing. I thought I should tell you before someone goes on a shopping spree. Don’t work to hard. Love Terri

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